Whatever your age or level of game, there’s a squash programme for you.
Discover our associated clubs, pros and programs that will help you enjoying playing squash.


Where to play


With clubs all around the province, you will find places to play great squash, learn from pros and meet new people. Squash is a perfect sport that allies social and fun.

Universities and colleges

Universities and colleges offer squash courts and some great programs.


A pair of indoor non-marking shoes, a racket, a ball and you’re good to go! For juniors, wearing eyewear is mandatory in clubs and during competitions.


There is a ball for every level in squash. More bouncy for the beginners so more time to go to the ball. There are four types of squash ball:

  • Pro balls are used by elite players and feature distinctive double yellow dot markings
  • Competition balls are ideal for regular/club level players and have a single yellow dot
  • Progress balls are for improving or recreational players. Slightly larger, with more bounce, these are plain black
  • Max balls are larger and bouncier so good for beginners and are black with a blue dot.

Rules of squash

You want to know in more details what the sport of squash is about? Here is the basic rules:

Download the latest rules, edition 2010 (.PDF) >>

Commun squash terms


Starting a rally by hitting the ball (underarm or overarm) against the front wall.


The line running around the top of the court. If the ball hits the red line that marks the top of the court then it’s out.


If your swing is impeded by your opponent, a let is called and neither player wins a point.


The line on the front wall in between the tin and out lines.


The T shape in the middle of the court where the lines meet.


If your swing is prevented by your opponent, a stroke is called and you win the point.


Area below the lowest red line on the front wall. If the ball hits this line or below then it’s out.


Squash in Canada and around the world has evolved incredibly over the past few years. Quebec has a tremendous source of players of all levels and we want to take care of them.

A 20$ participation fee* is requested to enter any event sanctioned by Squash Quebec (does not apply to juniors). This fee covers the period of September 1 to August 31. There are several advantages to paying the participation fee:

• You will be an official participant of all events sanctioned by Squash Quebec

• You will have access to a Squash Quebec provincial ranking and to a Squash Canada ranking (senior, junior and masters Canadian championships)

• You will have privileged access to all features of the Club Locker platform for tournaments, leagues, rankings and player profiles

• You will take part in developing new programs, in particular for juniors, as well as the creation of a dynamic digital environment (website, social networks, newsletter, magazine)

All these innovations will allow squash to grow as a sport and through media coverage.

We invite you to pay your participation fee to Squash Quebec for the season here:

*For non-participants to Squash Quebec, an extra 5$ fee will be charged at each sanctioned tournament and the player will not receive points and will not be integrated to the official Squash Quebec ranking.