Rules & Regulations


  1. Clubs must be members in good standing with Squash Quebec to enter a team.
  2. All players in the league must also be official participants of Squash Quebec and registered as such on
  3. Cross-Team Playing:  A player can play for a higher team up to a maximum of 3 times; after their 4th match they will be considered committed to the higher level team and cannot play back down.
  4. Players registered on a higher level team may not play down.
  5. Individual clubs can enforce their eligibility rules for team play, such as if a player is not an official SQ participant.
  6. Captains must bring irregular actions to the attention of the league authorities and then protest if necessary.
  7. The league director monitors the level of play in all divisions and reserves the right to make changes deemed appropriate.
  8. All teams must have paid their team fee by November 1.
  1. Teams can add as many people as they wish, to their team but all players should have paid the participation fee on
  2. A player has to have played a minimum of 4 matches to qualify for the playoffs.
  3. Only players that have previously played can play the last 2 weeks before playoffs.


Rules of Play:

  1. Matches are to be played under the World Squash Singles Rules adopted by the WSF (World Squash Federation).
  2. NOTE:  Scoring in Quebec for the Premier Division is 11 and Divisions 2 and 3 is to 15.
    1. The official ball is the Black Knight Tru-Bounce Double Yellow.
    2. A player may enforce the use of the official ball, but this must be done prior to the start of the match, and he/she may be asked to supply the ball if the opposing team cannot produce one.
  3. New balls (or balls in good condition) are to be furnished by the players of the home team.
  4. International or converted racquetball courts may be used at the option of the home team during regular season.  International squash courts can be enforced by opposing teams during play-offs.
  5. The home team is expected to have two courts available for play.  A minimum of six periods is recommended to assure completion.
  6. Matches should start after 7:00pm and before 8:00pm.
  7. Visiting players MUST adhere to local dress code, etc. (WHITE ONLY or EYEGUARDS are required at certain clubs).
  8. The promotion of sportsmanship in league play is considered of paramount importance. Unacceptable behavior, such as constant arguing, verbal abuse, foul language or anything else deemed disrespectful to the referee and / or host club will be dealt with in the following manner:
    1. Once the complaint has been filed and verified by the league director, a warning will be issued to the respective player.
    2. A second offense will bring about a suspension from league play (The seriousness of offense will determine length of time).
    3. A third offense will bring about the immediate suspension from league play for remainder of year, including play-offs.


  1. Each team consists of four players.
    1. Exception:  Divisions with 3-person teams, 5-person teams or 6-person teams.

Playing order during the season is determined by the captain. It is by level of the player. If a team is making their order to gain an advantage, they will be warned with consequence of potentially defaulting some points and having to submit their order in the future for approval to the league director.
*This is subject to change by the league director without notice.

-Suggested order of play (not required):

  • 4-person team:  4-1, 3-2

This allows the stronger players to be available to referee players of their level.

  1. Players must be on time as court-time is often scheduled for use afterwards.
  2. Individual matches are the best of five games.
  3. The team winning the most matches wins. If tied the team with the most games won and if still tied, then individual points won, are the next deciding factors in determining the winning team. If two teams are still tied after games and points, the deciding match is that of position-1. The winner of this match decides the tie.
  1. Disputed matches need to be brought to the attention of the league director who will discuss with the captain and make a decision about the match. His decision will be final.


  1. Every attempt must be made to play the matches as scheduled.  Absence of several regular players is not a valid reason as substitutes should always be available.
  2. Exceptional circumstances might be accepted as reasonable cause for rescheduling, such as bad weather. Providing an appropriate amount of time to give to the opposing captain AND league director, especially when for example there are weather and storm warnings.
  3. The two teams must be prepared to play at the scheduled time and the 15 minute default rule can be enforced unless exceptional circumstances can be evoked by the offending team / individual.
  4. The defaulting team must forfeit the individual   match(es) at the weakest position(s).  Example: Team A has all 4 players and Team B has only 2 players.  Team B must play their 2 players at the number 1 and 2 positions and default at the 3 and 4 positions.
  5. A defaulted individual match results in a score of 3-0 in games and 45-0 (or 33-0) in points for the opponent.
  6. Matches that need to be rescheduled must be made before the playoffs. It will be up to the team who cancelled to make an extra effort to be available. The re-match does not have to be on the regular day of the week or time. It can be made whenever the players involved are available.
  7. If a re-match is not played, it will be at the discretion of the League Director.       Either no teams will win any points, or the team that cancelled will default the match. If the team that was cancelled on does not make it easy to reschedule, they as well may be defaulted with the loss.


  1. The captain of the host team must enter the results in
  2. All league results count towards the Squash Quebec ranking.


  1. Play-off format will be determined by league director, based on available time and number of teams per division.

Play-off positions are determined by the following criteria:
(a)       Total points.
                                   (b)       Most team wins.
                                  (c)       Head-to-head results.

  1. Playing order is determined by the provincial rankings
  2. To be eligible for the playoffs, a player must have played a minimum of 4 matches.
  3. “The Grant Clause”:  An eligible player from one category may move up to play in a higher category, but he forfeits his eligibility in the lower category.
  4. International courts can be enforced by opposing teams during play-offs.
  5. Play-off matches are to be played on the “official” night of the division, and not on the exception night (which is to say, NOT the night that the league allows the club to play their regular season matches in order to avoid court conflict with other divisions or in-house programs).


  1. The league expects all players to be familiar with, and to have read the international rules of squash.
  2. Every player is also expected to referee a match previous to or following his own if he/she is asked.
  3. It is important for referees to be consistent in their application of the rules.
  4. As noted in the rules, sportsmanship is paramount and arguing with the referee or other disagreeable behavior on or off the court will not be tolerated. After one official warning, a player can be banned from further league play.
  5. It is the referee’s duty to award lets and penalty-points.  No appeal of the referee’s decision is permitted, although the referee at his option, may choose to listen to a player’s version of what transpired.

If a marker is also being used, it is his duty to call score, announce the referee’s decision, call outs or not-ups and all service faults.

  1. It is highly recommended that players participate in a refereeing clinic.  Playing for years does not make you an expert referee!!


Security and Good Behavior:

  1. Please note that Squash Quebec membership automatically includes an accident insurance policy.
  2. Mutual respect between opponents is the basis of security and good manners on the court.
  3. Players who persist in dangerous play, continually argue with the referee or verbally/physically abuse their opponents can and will be suspended or banned from the league.

Hosting Guidelines:

“Après-Squash” refreshments may be provided by the home team based on reciprocal agreement with opposing teams.  Otherwise, it’s each one for themselves, or everyone who stays splits the tab equally at the end of the evening.

NOTE:  In the event that none of your team plans to stay after the interclub games, the captain of the visiting team should advise the home captain in advance.

Revised, October 2019
Trevor Bowes


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